Table(2.3)@Official Views on Long Term Climate Target (Others) @ @
USA- - -
China#2- - -
Russia- - -
India#2- - -
JapanThis report doesnft show domestic measures and proposal to international negotiation.
Germany(International Negotiation)
Contraction and convergenceiby 2050japproach
The exception is admitted in LDC(least developed countries).
(Domestic Measures)
Germany own target is 45% reduction of CO2 emission by 2020 from 1990 level.
This report doesnft show domestic measures. Other guideline gSustainable Energy Supplies in View of Globalization and Liberalizationh by parliament council, shows policy and measures, ex. environment tax reform.
UK (Domestic Measures)
In reducing carbon dioxide emissions, our priority is to strengthen the contribution of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.
*Renewable energy supply 10% of UK electricity in 2010, 20% in 2020
*Central to the future market and policy framework will be a carbon emissions trading scheme
(Effect to Economy)
The cost impact would be very small - equivalent in 2050 to just a small fraction (0.5-2%) of the nationfs wealth, as measured by GDP.
Canada- - -
Korea#3- - -
Italy- - -
France(International Negotiation)
Contraction and convergence approach (until 2050)
(Domestic Measures)
Each division emission reduction target and domestic measures are shown.
Netherlands- - -
Czech- - -
Sweden(International Negotiation)
Discussed about after 2012 target
*Climate change and equity
*Ideas for sharing the global effort (Flat rate targets, Equalising Per Capita Emissions, Contraction and Convergence, etc.)
*Framework for global action (ex. developing countries group)
*Hedging strategy
(Domestic Measures)
Other guideline gSwedenfs climate strategyh by government shows policy and measures, ex. environment al tax reform.
Model analysis suggests that a target of 550 ppm, 450 ppm or lower is achievable with current technology, but the implementation of this technology would require significant socio-economic changes.
(Effect to Economy)
The costs of stabilizing the atmospheric concentration of CO2 at 450,500 and 650 ppm are Estimated.
Denmark - - -
EU - - -
#1 top 10 Parties of CO2 emission and Proposal Parties, CO2 emission resource is after
#2 developing countries
#3 Korea and Mexico are members of OECD, but non-ANNEX I Parties.